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Welcome to Model Merchandising. We can help you to…. What?  


  • Merchandising
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Installation
  • Training

retail merchandising services

Model Merchandising offers a range of expert and dedicated in-store merchandising services to top brands through out the UK. Since our launch in late 2013 Model Merchandising has quickly become one of the fastest growing suppliers of retail brand management services.

We aim to deliver ‘best in class’ performance for the quality of approach, product knowledge, appearance & brand presentation. Our advanced reporting system enables you to keep track of who, what, where and when to evaluate campaign impact and return on investment.



  • Dedicated professionals. Our in-store merchandisers are highly trained.
  • We deliver excellent ROI on time, every time.
  • Get data from the field fast – Know who, what, when and where in real time.


Model Merchandising – Smarter Brand Promotion.

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